Whenever you think you’re writing what other people want to hear from you, and that it’ll be commercial, you’re doomed to disaster. Writing has to be as truthful and specific as we can make it. The minute we think that we’re reaching more people and pleasing them, we get general. And audiences sense that and turn away, shun us.”
-Terrence McNally

Getting everything done that I need to get done is easy on my days off of work (Monday & Tuesday). It’s the days that I work for eight hours that I need to be sure I keep the reins held tight and not let myself get too laxed.

What is this schedule to which I am referring? Let’s see…

          1. I need to be sure I work on my fiction in progress (whether it be writing, rewriting, or editing). I’m not going to get anywhere as a writer if I don’t have stuff to put out there.

          2. Keeping up with my editor responsibilities at Flash Me Magazine. Especially now that we’re at Quarter End, my presence is required more than before. I do think we’re getting a break somewhere around the beginning of July though… That’s what we’re shooting for anyway.

          3. Now that I’m in a writing course, I need to make sure I do all the work I need to do in a timely fashion. My last course I waited a few days into the week before I began working on that particular week’s homework assignment and I was semi-rushing to get it done. I can’t do that again.

          4. Keeping up with my critiques. Though right now I’m only critiquing two people’s works, I like to read each chapter three times to be sure I don’t miss anything that could help them improve their work.

          5. Read. Yes, I need to be sure I make time to read as well. I would do this at my job, but since I stand at a desk, looking down sometimes hurts my neck. And it isn’t like I can hold the book up at a comfortable eye level.

          6. Blog! I didn’t start this blog for it to sit here and not have posts in it. I’m actually writing this blog as I’m watching TV… What!? I can multi-task. Writing a blog doesn’t require that much concentration, does it? 😉

With all that said, I love that I’m doing all this with writing. 🙂

On a work-related note, last night I was honored with the title of Employee of the Year for 2009. I’m still thinking about the magnitude that holds. Here’s a picture. My eyes look a little dreary but it was either that or not share the picture. 😛