“Keep in mind that the person to write for is yourself. Tell the story that you most desperately want to read.”
-Susan Isaacs

Read the subject, ladies and gentlemen! It’s been a successful week. Granted, it wasn’t a full-fledged week because we at Flash Me Magazine are taking a break until June 30th. That’s the day we’ll decide which stories we’ve held will actually make the issue. So, not only did my responsibilities at FMM not last through the entire week, but I didn’t have a chapter of either novel I’m critiquing, so there wasn’t much reading to do. But a success is a success!

There were days where I either didn’t read or work on my fiction, but I just made up for it the day after. I think that’s a good plan. Instead of trying to cram a little bit of everything into one day, do a good amount of what I can do one day and then do the rest the following day. Alternating worked this week. 🙂

My online writing course with Gotham Writers’ Workshop is going well. I submitted my homework assignment Saturday (it was due yesterday) which was fairly simple. This week’s assignment requires a bit more work — I must outline an actual article. I already know what the article will be about, so it’s just a matter of laying everything out to where I think it’ll flow well… Reading the lectures, I didn’t really know so much went into article writing. With ledes, nut grafs, hooks… A lot of work but I’m still excited!

I finished rewriting “Like a Fly on the Wall.” I actually managed to trim it beneath 1,000 words and keep the story intact. I feel quite accomplished. I sent it over to a critique friend to see what he thinks of it. If he doesn’t have too much to critique on it, I plan on submitting it to a market very soon. I still haven’t submitted “Moody & Saundra” to another market yet.

Even with all of this writing progress, I still managed to go to dinner and the movies with friends. We saw Toy Story 3 on Friday (which was really good!). On Sunday, my family and I went bowling. Then my friends and I had a movie night yesterday where they came over and we watched White Chicks.

All this writing and hanging out while working a 40-hour week too!

All in all, it was a perfect mix of work and pleasure. Time to do it again! 😉