“Being a real writer means being able to do the work on a bad day.”
-John Irving

Hello, World Wide Web! It’s been two weeks and only one person has viewed this blog, and that view came yesterday. I’ve visited the blog, but WordPress has this rule about not counting my own views. Go figure.

The past couple weeks have been quite productive. I submitted “Like a Fly on the Wall” to a magazine. And I also resubmitted “Moody & Saundra” to a market. Should hear back from them in a timely fashion. Hopefully.

Let’s see, what else? I’ve been reading more and critiquing more as well. Critiqued two chapters to two different books on my critique site. I’ve yet to get any new chapters from the other two novels I’ve been offering feedback on. I’m currently reading a book by T.M. Hunter (it’s his second book) entitled Friends in Deed. So far, so good!

My online writing course is going slow but steady. Which is good. If it felt too rushed, I might not be enjoying it as much, haha. Had a small chat with a few of the other students last Tuesday. I’m excited to see the finished product on their articles as they have interesting ideas. If you’re curious what my article will be about, it’s about whether integrity should play a role in someone’s life who works in a tipped position. I’ve interviewed a few of my coworkers already, and the article is shaping up nicely. I really like the feedback I’ve gotten. Each interview has sparked additional ideas and questions to ask in the next interview. I feel legit. 🙂 Interviewing is fun.

I’m getting [rarely-given] overtime this week, so I go into work tomorrow. It’ll start my six-day work week. I had to cram a lot of stuff into one day (today being that day). And after working six days, immediately following my shift on Sunday, I may be driving to New York for a barbecue. Ohhh, joy. I’ll keep the updates coming!