“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”
-Richard Bach

Yesterday I completed a brand new story entitled Is It Worth Fighting For. I had a time deciding whether I wanted to include a question mark after the title or not. I went from simply Worth Fighting For to Worth Fighting For? but I didn’t like how the latter sounded with the question mark. And I felt the former kind of answered the question and therefore didn’t do any justice for the reader. So I added the two wonderful words “Is It” in the question mark’s stead.

I also spent at least a good hour and a half looking up different markets I can submit the story to. I used Duotrope for my market research — I love that site. I have 24 potential markets. I won’t start submitting until I let the story get critiqued though. Actually, I might submit it to one market only because the submission deadline is today. I haven’t decided yet. I like the story as it is and think it’s good, but critiques always open my eyes to things I’ve never seen. I’m not sure if I want to submit it to a magazine when I know certain aspects of the story will change (going by history, lol).

This morning, I received another rejection on my story Like a Fly on the Wall. I just submitted it again to Asimov’s Magazine. My first time submitting to that market. Let’s hope it finds a home there!

Because I spent most of yesterday being productive in my writing, I skipped all the errands I had to run. So I’ll do all those today. I gotta stop by Wal-Mart, go to the bank, and I need to shop for a pair of black sneakers that can pass as casual footwear (it’s for my job — my current footwear is wearing out). Haha, I said my current footwear is wearing out… Hehehehe… Yeah, let me go, lol.