“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

October 4th starts my vacation. It’s been nearly a year (last November) that I can truly say I had a vacation (having five days off back in February and two of them coming by way of me calling out during wintry conditions doesn’t count). I am excited and I will definitely be racking up some frequent flyer miles! Haha.

My vacation is split into two parts. The first four days I’m going to Missouri to attend a conference. The meetings are only at night. And since I attended the same conference last year, the tourist part of me doesn’t want to explore what I’ve already seen (if I had someone else going with me though, that’ d be a different story).

So during the day I plan to sit in my condo and write. Write and read. Write, read, and rewrite. Just a bunch of productivity. That’s the plan. I’m pretty sure I can come away from that with a couple of stories complete. Granted I’ll only be there for four days, but if I spent those days entirely devoted to writing I can come away with some pretty rich stuff.

The second part of the trip is the real vacation where I probably won’t even use my laptop much, except to maybe import photos. Why, do you ask? Where am I going? I will be embarking a cruise ship to cruise the Mexican Riviera. That’s right! I’m flying from Missouri straight to San Diego, CA where my cruise departs from. It’s going to be an awesome time. I haven’t booked my shore excursions yet; I’ll be sure to do that within the week. I need to do some more shopping for the cruise’s formal night (just shoes, really, as I bought a suit already).

In less than three weeks, I’ll be away from my 7-3 job for eleven days! This is long overdue… I want to be able to take vacations much more frequently than this… and I shall. 🙂

Not only is my vacation in October, but I will also be taking my little sister to see an orchestra in New Jersey the weekend of my return. It’s a birthday present for her. Theeeeen later on in October my siblings, some friends, and I will be seeing Jeff Dunham. This will be my second time seeing him live. First time was great.

I have some birthday shopping to do too, as October 22 and October 29 mark birthdays for two of my friends.

October is quite the month! I’m excited!