“Sometimes I think my writing sounds like I walked out of the room and left the typewriter running.”
-Gene Fowler

Yesterday marked the highest viewership for my blog, and today I’ve nearly matched that number. I can sit here and wonder where they all came from, but I’m pretty sure that Alex. J Kane had something to do with that. Turns out he saw a post of mine on a mutual blog we both frequent (Scott W. Baker’s Chaos out of Chaos) and decided to stop by. Big thanks to him! My networking is starting to grow. Now we have each others’ blog on our blog list.

Now that I appear to be getting more views, I feel I should add more content. Surely my small list of markets is not even a fraction of the awesome markets that are out there (not that I’ll add them all, but there are a few more that I would really like to draw attention to). The two writing sites I have are just the two main ones that I use for the majority of my writing needs — critiquing and submitting. Places like Writer’s Digest, Writers’ Journal, and The Writer are all excellent print magazines that also have online presences.

It’s time I take the title of this blog and really expound on it. As much as I love writing — and want to do it throughout my life — another of my passions is to help other writers. I don’t claim to be the best writer out there, but I’m the best writer that I’ve ever been. If I can share what I’ve learned up until now and see other writers grow, then that’s a great song to me. That’s one reason why I enjoy the critique process so much — giving and receiving. It’s all about the bettering of any given piece. And with the growth of that piece comes the growth of the writer. And with the growth of that writer comes the growth in their writing.

I want to contribute to that circle as much as I possibly can.