“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay…”
-Mark Twain

So my vacation is inching closer, and my job is really making me work for it. I have one day off from now until my vacation. It’s not that they’re punishing me (though some might see it that way) but we’re understaffed at the moment and they’re offering overtime like it’s a free meal or something. I’m not complaining, as it’s some extra cash in my pocket. More money to buy souvenirs with when I go to Mexico. 🙂

And yesterday I was effectively asked if I wanted to work a double on the 1st of October. I said I’d have to let him know, because frankly, that’s literally around the corner from my vacation start date. Being a person who doesn’t like to wait until the last minute, if I don’t have things in order by then, I’ll probably decline the offer. Priorities, man.

I just have so many things to do before I leave for vacation, I’m going to try to do most this upcoming Monday.

  • I need to figure out the luggage I’m going to take, as I don’t want to take more than two — one carry-on & one checked. One of them has to be a garment bag because I’m bringing a suit with me. I want to see how much I can put into the garment bag without overloading it. If I can fit a decent amount in there, I’ll probably take a smaller suitcase as my second bag. If I can’t, I’ll take the bigger suitcase to accompany me. Thinking about it now, I’ll probably just opt for the bigger suitcase, which makes the garment bag my carry-on by default. But I’ll start my packing on Monday and see.
  • I have to shop for another pair of shoes that will match another of my outfits. (Ya know, I was never one to say “Oh, I’m going on vacation, let me go shopping!” but this cruise and their formal night and themed white night has done this to me…) I will say though, that Perry Ellis has become a new favorite store of mine. They have nice stuff in there. (Random Note: I had to fix two typos in that last sentence when I originally wrote it… Ah, the glories of waking up early to write before one goes to work)
  • I need to pack… wisely. I’m going to two different locations with two different climates. Enough said.
  • I need to call the owner of the condo and confirm all the details about my arrival, getting the keys, and all of that good stuff. (Remember, my vacation is two parts — the cruise is the second part) He seems like a nice guy — the reviews he had were positive, so I’m sure everything will go smoothly. This is my first time using VRBO.
  • Another thing, I need to establish who’s going to take me to the airport and then pick me up. Haha, this should’ve been the first one listed, but I just thought about it while typing this out. It’s not that I don’t have anyone to take me; it’s that I have several people who can take me.
  • Gotta figure out this money thing. I can research this on the internet, but is American money good in Mexico? What sort of bills should I bring? Small bills? Large bills? (Just wondering, but is any certain bill regarded as “medium”? I never heard anyone say, “Yeah, I want medium bills.” lol, way too random.)

There may be more vacation-related things I need to get done (they’ll come to me later), but there are some non-vacation-related things I gotta do too (some aren’t really a “gotta” but more like a “wanna” because if I don’t do it before vacation, I pretty much can’t do it).

I won’t get into that list though.