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The Downside to Vacations

“A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.”
-Baltasar Gracián

I’ve been back from vacation since late night Tuesday. And it was a blast! I’m already anticipating my next cruise. The feeling of being on a ship and simply watching the water all around you — it’s tranquil. And then having the freedom to go and eat whenever you want to and not have to worry about pretty much anything… Amazing. I recommend a cruise to everyone. It’s like an apartment building on water. Everyone there was having a great time.

But onto the subject of this blog — the downside to vacations. What downside could there possibly be to a vacation? The coming back part. You know, the part where you unpacked and now you have to get back into the flow of your everyday life?


I’ve been procrastinating like no other. Basically only in the writing, reading, and critiquing aspect of my life. I haven’t been productive in my writing since I’ve returned (or technically since I boarded the cruise ship). I even delayed in blogging (as my blog schedule can show you). I went back to my full-time job yesterday (and I have today off, lol) and I had a great day. But I think the thing with writing is that you have to motivate yourself to get back into things. Whereas in a full-time job you’re forced to go back whether you’re ready or not.

Gotta get back into the groove of things.

In the mean time, here are a few photos of me in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


I’m on Vacation!

“Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once.”
-Stephen King

I landed safely at the Springfield airport last night!

I’m writing this from my condo, where I am currently seated at a stool in the kitchen. I’m really liking my decision to drop the hotel reservation and go with the condo. The reviews of the owner of the condo were very accurate. This place is very clean and very stocked. And I may just add: a great atmosphere to write. 🙂

I plan to get a lot of writing done this week before I fly out to my cruise Friday morning. That’s the plan, since my [non-writing related] conference meetings are at night… Speaking of conference meetings at night, I missed the first one yesterday because my connecting flight was delayed ten times — a sum of five hours. I was disappointed about that, but what’re you going to do, right? I found my condo, settled in briefly, and ordered some Domino’s. They delivered it and I relaxed while watching an episode of Stargate SG-1 (yeah, I brought some DVDs with me).

That was the first time I used that airline, and I must say I’m not so impressed with how they handled us. The first flight was good; we were even slightly ahead of schedule. But I felt their handling of us passengers in terms of the connecting flight should have been handled better, as the constant time changes was a HUGE inconvenience. The only people who made it better were the flight attendant and the lady at the ticket counter. And even the captain, actually. It was the “back of house” that dropped the ball.

I won’t say the airline until after my vacation where I’ll sit down and write a letter to the company. I don’t want to write it now because I don’t want that to take up any time of my vacation where I’m supposed to be enjoying myself. Plus I want to write it in a nice, civilized manner. No bashing. No hate. So it’s best I give myself some distance to make sure I don’t do any of that subconsciously.

Alright, I need to go out and do my grocery shopping for the week.