“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
-Ray Bradbury

For those of you who have been stopping by to see the new blog posts (and been disappointed) I do apologize. I am here now and I’ll give a small update.

Two of my stories have been rejected, so I need to find markets to send those out to again. They came within a week of each other, and one was actually the story I said was taking longer than the average time Duotrope had on their listings page. Turns out that long wait wasn’t good news for me. ūüė¶

The other story that was rejected might need to be rewritten, I’m not sure. I may show it to a few fellow editors and get their opinion on the piece. This particular piece is my first flash fiction story, so I’m unsure on whether I developed enough in the short span of time and made everything clear and concise. It’s a few drafts from the original (thanks to my critique group) so it came a long way, but¬†a fresher pair of eyes could be helpful.

My remaining two stories are still out there being considered.

I haven’t written anything new since I worked on my story at Part 1 of my vacation earlier this month. I¬†do have the next¬†three stories I want to have done though¬†— two are science fiction and one is contemporary. One of the science fiction stories I want to have complete soon¬†so I can submit it to the current Writers of the Future quarter.

Ending this, my first published story, A Day Like No Other, will be up on Daily Science Fiction‘s website on December 1st! But you can get it e-mailed to you on November 24th if you sign up for their e-mail list.

The countdown begins!