With my story forthcoming at Daily Science Fiction, I thought it appropriate to tell the story of how that publication came to be. It is my first sale after all. And it really isn’t anything extravagant, but I think it’s cool.

Basically, after I found out about Daily Science Fiction, I sent them one of my stories (it was actually my flash fiction piece I spoke about in a previous post). I sent them that particular story because it was the most recent one I’d written and thought I’d begin sending it to places. In under two weeks they responded with a rejection. I appreciated the quick response time but wasn’t thrilled with the response. Obviously. Haha.

But of course I pressed on. The next day I decided to send them another of my stories — one of the “veterans” that have been rejected a lot. It didn’t discourage me that this particular story was rejected by over fifteen other markets. I knew it was a good story, as everyone I showed it to said that it was.

So, I went about my days with work and whatnot, not concerned about the stories I had out. Until one day after work I was on my laptop in the basement and had a thought about why I hadn’t heard anything from Daily Science Fiction. I mean, at this point it was three weeks since I submitted, and I was curious. I went upstairs to my desktop (as my laptop didn’t have e-mail access at the time) to check my mail. One of the e-mails was from Daily Science Fiction. I opened the e-mail and a contract was inside.

“Holy crap,” I said.

“What?” My mother asked, who was in the computer room at her computer.

“I think a market just bought my story.”

And, yeah, that’s the story of my first sale!