“Writing comes more easily if you have something to say.”
-Sholem Asch

Have you had a story published online (and online only) in 2010? Is it over 1,000 words? Or maybe you’ve read a story exclusive to online that was published in 2010 and it’s over 1,000 words. You can nominate it to win The Million Writers Award. If you’re an editor of an online magazine, you can nominate up to three.

I just became aware of this recently. Apparently it’s been running since 2004 (this is their eighth year) by Jason Sanford, co-founder of storySouth. Every reader, writer, and editor is able to nominate a story (yes, authors, you can nominate your own story!). From the lot of nominations received (and stories they nominate themselves), preliminary judges will narrow that down to the most Notable Stories of the Year. Then Jason Sanford and two other judges will pick the top 10. Then it’s up to the public to vote.

Nominations end March 15.

It’s really a cool thing Jason started. Getting all the writers, readers, and editors involved for an award program. They take donations which will go toward the prize fund (so the prize money can fluctuate from year-to-year). Right now, according to Jason’s blog post, First Place receives $350 & a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate and the Runner-up will receive $150. He wants to offer a third place prize as well. I’ll be sending in money to help with that.

I think this is a very cool award to have, as the involvement of all aspects of online literature is coming together.

Very happy I have a story I can nominate! 🙂