“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.”
-Albert Einstein

I had a dentist appointment recently. It was just a routine cleaning, nothing out of the ordinary. They did have to take some x-rays though, as the last two times I went they were unable to for one reason or another. But looking over the receipt, the total amount was over $400. That’s pricy. My insurance paid for almost all of it; I only had to pay $18 for the fluoride treatment that my insurance doesn’t cover.

But I really am appreciative of a full-time job with benefits. I really do wish everyone had what I had. I know how difficult it can be finding a decent job. Especially a full-time job with benefits. Most places in my area are keeping part-time. My friend works a part-time job but he hardly gets hours. He’s making the most of it while still searching for another job, but dang…

I only wonder how everything will be when I leave my present job and pursue a career in writing. Of course I would never be reckless and say, “I’m quitting and locking myself in my room to write the next best-selling novel!” No, that’s foolish. I write while faithfully serving at my full-time job. When I have a novel (Or novella. What have you.) and begin making money from said novel, I’ll consider resigning from the full-time job (or go simply part-time). But right now all I can be is thankful.