“Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader — not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon.”
-E.L. Doctorow


When writers send off submissions, one of the most trying times is waiting to hear back from the magazine. So many thoughts go through your mind: Will they like it? Will they hate it? When will they respond? And sometimes: Did they get it? (if there’s no confirmation)

But waiting is a natural part of life, especially in a writer’s life. Fortunately, a writer can sit around and wait for a response while still being productive. After all, the amount of material we output is only limited to our imagination and discipline. I currently have five stories out at markets, and I haven’t heard a word back from any of them in over two months. I do have a lot on the back burner I could be polishing up, but my focus right now is on rewriting one of my novels.

That’s right! After years of saying it and dreaming it, I’ve finally started rereading the novel and began changing some things around. Right now it’s only a new outline; I haven’t actually sat at the computer to rewrite the actual words, but the outline is a start. I’ve eliminated some characters while bringing other characters to the forefront (and some to the background actually). It’ll be good!

For those of you wondering about my applications to the workshops this year, I was rejected by both Clarion East and Clarion West. Odyssey, however, put me on their waiting list (second consecutive year). I’m not really expecting to get a call from Odyssey within the next two and a half weeks though. I already planned other things now anyway… There’s always next year! …If I choose to apply next year.

You may notice a new blog look. That’s because I wanted it to match somewhat in color to my website that I’m working on. The website is practically complete; I’m just working on implementing a short story critique service and how I should start that up. Basically I’m considering the rates. I don’t want to charge anything outlandish but I do want to make it fair for me too. This is just a hobby though. I’m not looking to grow rich with this; I just want to assist other writers. I know some people who don’t want to post their work online, so this critique service could benefit them.

To start out, I was actually leaning toward having any stories sent to me within the first week (/month, lol) or so getting a critique for free. To build my reputation. As of now my reputation mostly comes from my critique site. Then afterwards I may insert a cost (however-many-dollars per thousand words).

We shall see. It’ll all come together… Just gotta wait a little bit. 😉