“The desire to write grows with writing.”
 -Desiderius Erasmus


I finished the first Campaigner Challenge. It started out one way and then evolved into this story. I think it’s decent, considering it’s only 200 words (EXACTLY, according to Word’s word count). I’m not used to writing things this short, so hopefully people enjoy it! (Like it? You can vote here. I’m entry #318)


The door swung open after I had closed it. Jared followed me into my house. What he did was bad enough, but now he had to invade my home?

“Can we talk, Kaley?” He asked.

This was supposed to be a nice birthday dinner and celebration of our three-year dating anniversary.  He had to go and ruin it.

“By ‘talk’ do you mean ‘go behind my back’?” I let down my hair.

“I thought I was doing something you’d appreciate.”

“You threw out my Snuggie.”

“It was dry rotting.”

“You still don’t throw out someone else’s stuff!” I turned around and walked into the kitchen.

I heard Jared leave the house and come back with a wrapped box. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I shouldn’t have thrown it out.” He offered me the gift.

I glared at him and took it. I opened it and saw that a brand new Snuggie was inside. I turned my face from him as I removed it from the box. A lump rose in my throat when I read the love note embroidered onto the Snuggie.

“There’s something else,” he said.

I turned around, and Jared was on one knee, holding a much smaller box.