“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
-Stephen King


A bit of an update of what’s going on in my life currently, writing-wise and otherwise. Today I actually had orientation at a part-time job to supplement my current full-time position I’ve held since January. I have a few other job applications out for full-time positions to change to. You might be wondering why I would be sharing my plans like this on the world wide web. But my manager, store manager, and everyone already knows that I’m keeping my eyes open for other opportunities. I let them know because I didn’t want to surprise them with it. This way, they’ll have ample time to prepare.

The anthology, The Glass Parachute, which will hold two of my sci-fi stories, is still slated to be released this summer, but we authors have been told it’ll be postponed another couple of weeks. When I get my copy in the mail, I plan on snapping a photo with it and sharing it. It’ll probably serve as my Facebook default picture for a bit too! But you all will be told where you can buy it, for sure!

My writing has taken a backseat, unfortunately. No excuses, but it has. What I have been able to keep up with are the Be Inspired pieces I publish on my website. Beyond that, no new fiction has been written.

Let’s see, what else… I’m considering revamping my website, scwade.com. With all of this going on in my life, I am actually considering putting more on my plate. But in addition to a site redesign, I want to incorporate a little more besides my Be Inspired pieces I feature every three weeks. I also want to open that up to more writers I know who have their own inspiring stories to share. I am considering vlogs, where I may review books that I’ve read. I thought it would give it a different spin on book reviews. Of course, with that, I’ll need to make a YouTube channel and go through the uploading of the videos and whatnot. So that equals to more time too.

But like I said. I’m considering.

The book I just finished reading was The Mist by Stephen King, and it was actually the first book I’d ever read of his. Don’t hurt me! …I thought the book was good, and I was content with the ending. And I’m untainted by anything the movie may have ruined, as I haven’t seen the movie either. I would assume that The Mist isn’t his best work, but it definitely makes me want to put more of Mr. King’s works on my reading list (which has only gotten longer).

That’s about all… Until next time!