“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
-Toni Mrrison


Following Duotrope becoming a paid subscription site, the folks at Diabolical Plots has introduced The Submissions Grinder. It is meant to be a replacement for Duotrope, but it has only been live for a few weeks now. Anthony and David are committed to not charging a fee for this site, which is something I admire.

The Grinder is still in its BETA stages, but it definitely looks like it has great potential. I haven’t registered, but I did use their search feature, and it’s adequate. I haven’t explored the entire site yet, but one thing that my personal preference would like to see changed is the amount of options in the Story Subject dropdown box. It has such a vast number of subjects (that remains the same whether you choose Science Fiction as your genre, Action/Adventure, or Romance). Maybe the fault is on me for likening “Story Subject” to “Sub-Genre”, which is how I initially perceived it. In reality, I think “sub-genre” is more closely found in what they call “Story Style”.

I would certainly prefer specific Story Subjects be exclusive to specific genres though. For example: How “Home/Garden” can be a “story subject” to a Science Fiction genre is beyond me. But that could just be me and my not wanting to wade through so many choices. Haha!

With that said, I do think I can get behind this new site. Although I respect Duotrope’s decision to go paid (after all, it’s not my site to run), The Grinder looks like it can be just as strong a resource for writers looking for markets to submit their work.

Since The Grinder is in its beginning stages, they would appreciate any word you can share about the site. After all, the more people who share their responses from different markets, the more accurate each market listing will be in terms of statistics. It looks as if a lot of people have already caught on though! But it can definitely grow some more.

They are very open to suggestions, as this is just the ground floor. Oh, and you can import your Duotrope data, so you won’t be starting from scratch!