“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.”
-Elmore Leonard


Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday is…a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres. I am just one author in the midst of awesome authors. To join us or to view other snippets, visit scififansat.blogspot.com!

My third and final snippet from my being-shopped-around short story, The Stranger, reveals the first waking moments of the aforementioned stranger…and how Ray has a commonality with him.


Ray decided to establish a kinship with the stranger before diving into conversation. He turned around and pulled his shirt up slightly so the stranger could see the branding.

“Who are you?” The stranger asked.

“My name is Ray. I’m the owner and captain of the cargo ship you shot down.”

“My name’s Tyler.” He averted his eyes. “That’s unfortunate you own the ship, but you should do a better job of checking your crew’s criminal history.”

“What are you talking about?”


Ten sentences are hardly enough to even whet your appetite, huh? But you’ll need to wait until this baby is published before you can read the entire thing!