“What a writer brings to any story is an attitude.”
-John Gregory Dunne


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tgpThis week I am sharing another snippet from my short story, Acts. Acts is published in Villipede Publications‘ sci-fi anthology, The Glass Parachute (available to purchase at Amazon). To read the first snippet, click here.

To help set the scene, as I skipped some paragraphs from the first snippet to this one: On Nobile, the social status is based on whatever color band a Nobilian has showing beneath their wrist. There are seven colors, and those with less desirable colors often refer to those with better social standings as “Upper-Bloods.”

Oh. And if you don’t read the first snippet, Westin and Tammi are talking through communicators affixed inside their ears.

“We’ll be free of these Upper-Bloods and the entire Nobility Act nonsense soon enough,” Westin said.

Tammi stepped carefully down the steps, holding onto the gold-plated hand railing. On her way, she spotted Westin in the crowd. His black, slicked back hair was a standout amongst the array of vibrant hair colors.

Then a freckled face in the crowd drew Tammi’s attention. It was more the length of his bright green hair he wore in a ponytail that made him noticeable. Very few Nobilian men fashioned their hair with length. But it looked good on this gentleman; worked well with his round face.

“Jasen’s coming your way,” she whispered.

“I see him,” Westin said.

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