“I began to ask two questions while I was reading a book that excited me: not only what was going to happen next, but how is this done? How is it that these words on the page make me feel the way I’m feeling? This is the line of inquiry that I think happens in a child’s mind, without him even knowing he has aspirations as a writer.”
E.L. Doctorow


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tgpHere is the fourth snippet from my short story, Acts, published in Villipede Publications‘ sci-fi anthology, The Glass Parachute (available to purchase at Amazon). Click the following links to read the first, second, and third snippets.

RECAP: Tammi and Westin are consorts, but years ago Tammi and Jasen used to be an item. Jasen is now a spokesman for the “government” and he relays new Acts (laws) that are to be put into place. Everyone’s social status on Nobile is determined via whatever color band they have embedded beneath their wrist (and the band can change colors depending on a person’s adherence to the Nobility Acts). Tammi begins this dialogue.

“But the Nobility Acts has that ridiculous clause about no more than one child for a Blue-Blood.”

“I wouldn’t call it ridiculous,” Jasen said. “You get rewarded for the lifestyle you live; the rules that you follow.”

“A child’s life should never be in the category of a ‘reward,’” Westin said.

“Do I agree with it?” Jasen said with a shrug, “No. But it’s the law.”

“Nobile is the only planet in these systems that even have such asinine laws.”

Tammi looked back and forth between the two men. She sensed the tension mounting.

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