“To encounter a fine book and have time to read it is a wonderful thing.”
Natalie Goldberg


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tgpHere is the final snippet from my short story, Acts, published in Villipede Publications‘ sci-fi anthology, The Glass Parachute (available to purchase at Amazon). Click the following links to read the first, second, third, and fourth snippets.

This final snippet is several pages after the previous snippet.

RECAP: Tammi and Westin are consorts, and they went to Jasen (Tammi’s ex-lover) and asked him to help them object to a Nobility Act that puts certain restrictions on couples who want to have children. Everyone’s social status is determined on that person’s adherence to the laws. Since Jasen is a spokesman for the “government,” he adheres to the Acts (laws) without question. Westin doesn’t think the right to have children should be decided by a law clause.

That is the surface information that leads to this next snippet…

Westin grabbed Jasen’s arm with one hand and then struck his wrist, forcing Jasen to drop the knife.

Jasen landed an uppercut to Westin’s jaw. Westin stumbled backwards but quickly rebounded and punched Jasen in the face. As Jasen recoiled, Westin picked up the knife, gripped Jasen’s neck and backed him up against a wall.

“You think you’ll get away with this?” Jasen muttered as he tried to release the hold on his neck. “The moment you leave, I can have Nobility Officers after you and Tammi.”

“No, you can’t. We’ve been in the wind for a while, and we’re good at not being found.” Westin tightened his grip and flaunted the knife.

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