“Good writers indulge their audience; great writers know better.”
Tom Heehler


Villipede Publications — the company that published the anthology where my short stories “Acts” & “For Zanna” can be found — has just recently opened villipede horror anthologysubmissions to a brand new anthology! They are accepting submissions for their horror anthology, currently titled Darkness ad Infinitum. The submission period is from April 15 – June 15, so you have just under two months to get a good story in. And just for your information, blood and guts splattering is not the focal point for this anthology. They want sophistication. Subtle, psychological horror. It can have violence but not needlessly.

But don’t let this blog post be your guide. Go to Villipede.com/Submissions and check out the complete list of guidelines and everything. I’m privileged to have worked with Matt Edginton for the first sci-fi anthology. I look forward to working with him again, although I doubt it will be by submitting anything to this anthology. I don’t write horror — psychological or otherwise. Then again, I haven’t exactly tried…

Secondly, Villipede has a brand new Featured Flash photo through April 30. They provide the original artwork, you submit the short piece of fiction to match! The winner receives a free copy of one of the books they’ve published. You can check that out here.