“Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.'”
Jef Mallet


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This week I’m sharing another snippet from my Work In Progress, April 11, 1978 (tentative title). Click here to read the first snippet and here to read the second.

In all of Marc’s years of impersonating others, he had never been hired to be intimate with anyone. In his college years it was impersonating someone to take a test; later, to fight a boxing match. As his career advanced, he even became an extra line of security for important sports stars and politicians.

A lot of politicians.

Marc set the needle on the sink and sighed. He never saw himself as a man who had the best morals, but going inside a woman as someone else seemed like the ultimate deception.

The real Casey was a married man with children and didn’t have the nerve to do what he hired Marc to do for him. Because Monica offered career advancement to Casey if he slept with her, Casey offered a hefty amount of cash that Marc hadn’t been offered in a long while.

“I’m losing the mood.” Monica’s voice was right outside the door.

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