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“A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts.”
Williams Strunk Jr.


For those who came by the blog this past Friday in anticipation of my reviews of Daily Science Fiction‘s stories, I do apologize for not having a post for you. I had taken on a freelance writing gig that’s taking up some of my free time, and since I do have two jobs and I also volunteer, my reading fell by the wayside… I don’t think I’ll be posting a DSF Reviews post this upcoming Friday either. I do plan to get back to it. But I’m sure some of you know how it is with new things and finding the right groove for everything.

Also, I haven’t posted a snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday for two weeks in a row. I plan to get back to that as well!

And speaking of SFFS, I met J.M. Blackman through that webring of authors, and she so graciously asked me for an interview. It was posted last week and we discuss my take on the diversity in speculative fiction today. You can check out the interview here.


“You can’t edit a blank page.”
Nora Roberts


Well, it’s been a while since I’d gotten a short story acceptance letter in my e-mail (the last ones being when “For Zanna” and “Acts” were accepted into The Glass Parachute anthology, and that was early 2012) but I received one today! It was quite a surprise, because I’m expecting to receive e-mails from new freelance clients and I get an e-mail of a story acceptance instead… Works for me!

The market is Red Fez. It’s not a paying market, but it’s a publication and I’m stoked. The story that was accepted is “What Are Friends For,” which is a story I wrote a while ago (at least 2 years ago)… I reread it today and there are several things I would like to alter and/or add, lol, but I think it’s because I’ve grown since I wrote it (and last read it too, apparently, or else I would’ve changed some things 😛 ). But I don’t think any writer can write something, have time pass, and then see perfection in their previous work. At some point you have to stop editing anyway in order to get it out into the world.

But this story was a fun story, which is basically everything I say I don’t write, lol. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s fluff. There is no deep character development, no real point to the story. It really serves absolutely no purpose, but I drew from my life to write it, and it amused me. I had fun writing it. Even rereading it today I found myself still chuckling at the words on the page. And I don’t write humor, so hopefully I’m not the only one who’s chuckling… lol.

With that said, the story is already published online! It is Red Fez’s 56th issue. A direct link to the story is here.

And in The Glass Parachute news, Fanboy Comics has reviewed the anthology! It is The Glass Parachute‘s first review, so I know we are all excited about it! Even more excited that it is a good review! You can check out the review here. And if you’ve purchased the anthology, feel free to write your own review on

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.
George Eliot


My bud Alex Kane was accepted into Clarion West! For those who don’t know, it is a six-week workshop (focused on speculative fiction) located in Seattle where eighteen people are picked per year to learn from a combination of instructors. This year the instructors are: Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Margo Lanagan, Samuel R. Delany, and Ellen Datlow. Each instructor teaches one week.

I applied to Clarion West (and Clarion East…and Odyssey) in the past but never got accepted. When I heard that Alex was accepted, I was stoked! I know some of my blog readers probably know him, most may not. But Alex is a great writer and has been getting more notoriety recently, and I’m excited for him. He even was named a finalist in the Writers of the Future contest! I believe he really has a career in this writing world. He has passion and he has the talent.

Some of his work is published online and can be read. Just visit his Stories link on his site or follow the direct link here.

I am taking the time to write a blog post about this because I know if I was accepted into Clarion West, I wouldn’t know how things would be paid. Taking six weeks off from work and still making sure bills got paid in your absence, needing travel expenses, PLUS living expenses while you’re away on your own for six weeks. And the tuition is no small change, but Alex’s parents blessed him by paying the remainder for him. Alex wrote a detailed post about it. Check it out. He is basically asking anyone for any money they could spare to help him out. Now, I’m not turning this blog into a “let’s raise money for this writer and this writer and this writer” but I want Alex to be able to go to Clarion West without any reservations or worries. I want him to have fun, learn, and devote his entire mind on the workshop by soaking and writing and growing.

What he doesn’t mention in that particular post is that he has a Kindle publication titled In The Arms of Lachiga. If you prefer not to give money outright, purchase his e-book to support him. It includes 10 of his short stories — some previously published, some brand new. The cost is $2.99 and I know he would be appreciative.

Whatever you can do, if you feel it on your heart to do, please do.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
-Mark Twain


As my previous post mentioned a new publication coming soon, this post announces that it is now available!!! It was actually available several days after I made that previous post in January. I’ve just been tending to things in life, such as moving into a new apartment. I’m settling in nicely; I was even given some things for the new apartment, including a dinette set, so it’s suuh-weet!

But not to digress. I’ll share the cover for the ebook again:


It is currently available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books, Sony, and Smashwords. A couple other places are due to receive it as well, but I think those are a pretty good start! Now I just need to start marketing and just getting my name out there. Make more of a presence in the literary world and get a bit of a following. Get known. I really should have been doing that all along, but I can’t cry over what I didn’t do. I’ll just move forward with wiser decisions from here on out.

Someone did review it on Amazon and gave it a 4 Star Review though! R.J. Murano wrote: “This short story by S.C.Wade is a well written character study of two young people at a crossroads in their relationship. I look forward with interest to see what’s next from this promising author.”

I hope you all purchase yourselves a copy in whatever format you prefer!