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“You can’t edit a blank page.”
Nora Roberts


Well, it’s been a while since I’d gotten a short story acceptance letter in my e-mail (the last ones being when “For Zanna” and “Acts” were accepted into The Glass Parachute anthology, and that was early 2012) but I received one today! It was quite a surprise, because I’m expecting to receive e-mails from new freelance clients and I get an e-mail of a story acceptance instead… Works for me!

The market is Red Fez. It’s not a paying market, but it’s a publication and I’m stoked. The story that was accepted is “What Are Friends For,” which is a story I wrote a while ago (at least 2 years ago)… I reread it today and there are several things I would like to alter and/or add, lol, but I think it’s because I’ve grown since I wrote it (and last read it too, apparently, or else I would’ve changed some things 😛 ). But I don’t think any writer can write something, have time pass, and then see perfection in their previous work. At some point you have to stop editing anyway in order to get it out into the world.

But this story was a fun story, which is basically everything I say I don’t write, lol. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s fluff. There is no deep character development, no real point to the story. It really serves absolutely no purpose, but I drew from my life to write it, and it amused me. I had fun writing it. Even rereading it today I found myself still chuckling at the words on the page. And I don’t write humor, so hopefully I’m not the only one who’s chuckling… lol.

With that said, the story is already published online! It is Red Fez’s 56th issue. A direct link to the story is here.

And in The Glass Parachute news, Fanboy Comics has reviewed the anthology! It is The Glass Parachute‘s first review, so I know we are all excited about it! Even more excited that it is a good review! You can check out the review here. And if you’ve purchased the anthology, feel free to write your own review on Amazon.com.


“Shut up and write.”
K.A. Laity


Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday is…a web ring of authors who post snippets of their work for comment. In reality, it’s a close-knit group of friends and colleagues working together to support and encourage one another and promote the science fiction and fantasy genres. I am just one author in the midst of awesome authors. To read other snippets, or learn how to join us, visit scififansat.blogspot.com!

The last five weeks I shared snippets from one of my short stories, Acts, published in The Glass Parachute. The response I received was phenomenal; I’m glad some of you enjoyed the snippets well enough to want to check out the book!

This week (and maybe successive weeks) I will be sharing snippets of a Work In Progress titled April 11, 1978 (tentative title). It’s actually a random date. When I was scrolling through a story, I thought I saw that date and decided to make it a focal point to a story, lol…

This is how the story begins (this is all early draft, remember that).

Marc stood in front of his bathroom mirror and stared at himself with a gaze that had no intention of release. His dimming blue eyes, his round nose, his graying brown hair that accentuated his receding hairline. He pushed in closer to perceive the wrinkles blossoming around the corners of his eyes.

Although he kept in great physical shape – he glanced at the toned arms protruding from his tank top – he was getting spiritually crushed from the deceptions and betrayals he doled out. Emotionally it was tough, but he pressed on because he had to make a living.

He noticed the bathroom door was cracked open, giving a slight view into the darkened bedroom. With a guided prod of his hand, he shut the door, and then opened the door to the vanity.

Most of the contents inside was storage for cleaning supplies. He purposely put an overabundance of extra products to dissuade any curious eyes.

Marc reached behind all of the packaging, pushed aside a sixty-four ounce bottle of hand soap, and retrieved a small, silver cylinder the size of a battery.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet! And be sure to check out other snippets by the other authors at scififansat.blogspot.com.

“Good writers indulge their audience; great writers know better.”
Tom Heehler


Villipede Publications — the company that published the anthology where my short stories “Acts” & “For Zanna” can be found — has just recently opened villipede horror anthologysubmissions to a brand new anthology! They are accepting submissions for their horror anthology, currently titled Darkness ad Infinitum. The submission period is from April 15 – June 15, so you have just under two months to get a good story in. And just for your information, blood and guts splattering is not the focal point for this anthology. They want sophistication. Subtle, psychological horror. It can have violence but not needlessly.

But don’t let this blog post be your guide. Go to Villipede.com/Submissions and check out the complete list of guidelines and everything. I’m privileged to have worked with Matt Edginton for the first sci-fi anthology. I look forward to working with him again, although I doubt it will be by submitting anything to this anthology. I don’t write horror — psychological or otherwise. Then again, I haven’t exactly tried…

Secondly, Villipede has a brand new Featured Flash photo through April 30. They provide the original artwork, you submit the short piece of fiction to match! The winner receives a free copy of one of the books they’ve published. You can check that out here.